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Iowa hosts a harsh winter every year, your irrigation system is at risk to freeze and be severely damaged. It is a good idea to make sure your system is winterized to take on the cold months ahead. Due to potential hazards, it is best to hire a professional for winterization.

What is irrigation winterization?

The most common way to winterize your irrigation system is to blow it out. This method uses air to remove all the water from sprinkler heads, valves and pipes. Air is pushed through with an air compressor to clear out all of the remaining water so your system doesn't freeze over the winter.

Why hire a professional?

If the winterizing process isn’t done correctly, costly damage can be done to your irrigation system. Conventional air compressors do not work for a blowout. A special compressor must be used to get the correct air pressure pushing through the pipes. Give Lawn Pros a call for a free winterizing consultation.

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